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Beauty :: Why Consider Brazil For Cosmetic Surgery?

The chances of falling seriously in love with some who bears the same family name is so fairly...
12/29/2015 17:21

Facial plastic surgery won't make you more attractive to others, study suggests

Plastic surgery on your face may not make you look more attractive or younger to others, a new...
12/24/2015 10:07

Stem cell beauty treatments? Probably bogus, experts say

Could stem cell injections help rejuvenate your face or body? Probably not, plastic surgery experts...
11/20/2015 07:19

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Egozi Plastic Surgery Center

Welcome to Egozi Plastic Surgery Center, 's premiere pediatrics and child care center. At Egozi Plastic Surgery Center we understand the value of family and just how special your child truly is. Trust us to help you ensure that your special little treasures grow up to adulthood healthily. We can act as the primary care physicians for newborn infants right up until they reach adulthood (age 18). Selecting a primary care physician for your child can be one of the most nerve-racking decisions you'll make for your newborn child. You can feel confident that you are trusting your most precious life in good hands.

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