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06/21/2016 17:58

Beauty :: Why Consider Brazil For Cosmetic Surgery?

The chances of falling seriously in love with some who bears the same family name is so fairly critical, and that is an concern because until lately union between two individuals sharing similar surnames was prohibited. Optional operations consistently come with those notorious questions like, "Can...
12/29/2015 17:21

Facial plastic surgery won't make you more attractive to others, study suggests

Plastic surgery on your face may not make you look more attractive or younger to others, a new study has revealed.Researchers asked 50 strangers to guess the age of 49 patients before and after they underwent facial surgical procedures. Then, the strangers were asked to assign the patient a number...
12/24/2015 10:07

Stem cell beauty treatments? Probably bogus, experts say

Could stem cell injections help rejuvenate your face or body? Probably not, plastic surgery experts say, but ads for these types of bogus procedures abound on the Internet."Stem cells offer tremendous potential, but the marketplace is saturated with unsubstantiated and sometimes fraudulent claims...
11/20/2015 07:19

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Do you have any questions for us about what Egozi Plastic Surgery Center can do for your child? Please contact us and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.
11/20/2015 07:18

Welcome to Our New Website!

We would like to announce the launch of our new website. Here you can find information about all the latest pediatric news and and our services. Our goal with our website is to keep you informed on the most recent news on keeping your child healthy. We will post reminder notices and warnings for...

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